Conditional Statement - Time Restricted

Partly a question on efficiency and a piece of code that others might find useful.

I have a block of conditional code that governs when some events should run (based on sensor inputs), however one of these events is a pump that recharges the main pressure tank (Aeroponics)
My cut off points in the code below are 22:16 (to stop triggering) and then begin again at 7:16)

So for anyone not familiar with the code in the basic form - it means that after 10:15pm the events will not trigger again until 7:16am…

import datetime

now =
hour = now.hour
minute = now.minute

if ((hour >= 22 and minute <= 15) or (hour <= 7 and minute <=15)):
    trigger = False
    print("False value Triggered")
    trigger = True
    print("TRUE value Triggered")

I’m wondering if there is there a more efficient way of running the time code to determine if the events should trigger than I have here?

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It looks pretty efficient to me (as well as readable and minimal). But this is what came to mind for better readability:

if (hour == 22 and minute >= 15) or hour in [23, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] or (hour == 7 and minute <= 15):
    trigger = False

I also have a function I created for triggers, time_between_range(start_time, end_time).

This is how it can be used within a Conditional:

from mycodo.utils.system_pi import time_between_range

start_time = "22:15"
end_time = "7:15"

if time_between_range(start_time, end_time):
    # do this
    # do that