Control light & fans with same PCB?

Thank you again for your time.
Yea I guess if I would have that technical ground knowledge this thread wouldn’t exist. Do you have any recommendation for a good read or youtube channel?

Except that you already answered more than I could have asked :smiley: I am just linking this now because your last paragraph confuses me completely. So yea my driver runs at 12-24V 240W. The dimming operation part of the datasheet is saying it is using 10V PWM? The same goes for page 27 on my fan 0…10V/PWM .

So yea I have to learn a lot about it, very interesting and cool stuff that is possible.
I only thought the difference is that the led driver brings constant power outage on dim+ port and the fan on 3nd separated port and I could get it working with the same PCB. But if you say there is much more behind it and each device needs it’s own individual solution I have to accept that :confused: