MyCodo Daughter Board

I have been designing a daughter board for my mycodo system and was looking for some input if anyone has it.

What it does

controls 12 pumps at 12v- with i2c selection
4 elec. isolated EZO boards - sma connector
3 reg. Ezo boards - jst connector
2 pwm to 0-10v analog - jst connector
screen connector
adafruit sensor connector
5 progammable led’s
status led’s for all outputs

the pumpbox connector is a cat5 plug. each pumpbox pinout has i2c and 4 of the 12v pump controls. connect this to a daughter board for additional sensors/switches/etc. designed to connect to three separate daughter boards

supply board with 12v/gnd/i2c data lines/2gpio for pwm control

also, some people showed interest in purchasing this. i am going to setup a quick and dirty website, trying to figure out price for it and be fair. it basically replaces $200 worth of components

going to sell it in a kit with the board / screen / and enough jst cab

looking for any suggestions i should make to it, and if anyone is interested in purchasing so i can gauge interest. it replaces roughly $200 of various components