Problems Reading from Second FTDI Devices

Hey everyone. A few weeks ago, I got my Atlas Scientific pH sensor running on FTDI. I thought I’d add a temp sensor the same way for some added data. I followed the same process as the pH, but I cannot get a reading from the probe.

It goes PT-1000 → USB board and EVO Temp → Pi

Do I need to change something for it to read from 2 USB ports at once? Or have I tried an illegal move?

Are they both being properly detected and initialized (see dmesg)?
Are both devices appearing under /dev as independent devices?
Does swapping the FTDI hardware change anything?
Does each work when each is the only thing connected?

Well, I took out the pH and started testing the temp sensor. It seems to see it in the settings, but it does not receive a reading.

What does this mean? It’s appearing in dmesg or as a device (/dev directory location)? Did you try swapping the FTDI boards? Did you try running them each one at a time?

All of the pH stuff has been disconnected.

Oh, sorry - where it says “FTDI Device” in settings. With just the temp usb plugged in it reads 0:

I still don’t know what you’re referring to. Can you be very specific?

In configure → options → FTDI Device → pulldown shows 0: when the usb is plugged in

Okay, I see now. This is using the FTDI detection code from Atlas Scientific. Is the device typical of what you would expect the device to be? Regardless of what that returns, you should not rely solely on that to diagnose your issue. I’ve provided several recommendations to test the device(s).

Also, have you tested the device in I2C mode? Also try factory resetting the sensor.

I’m getting errors like -

devices = get_ftdi_device_list()
for device in Driver().list_devices():
raise FtdiError(msg)
pylibftdi._base.FtdiError: b’libusb_open() failed’ (-4)

So, is it not seeing the device?

What is this error? It doesn’t look like any traceback I’ve ever seen. Are you editing it? What are you executing?

I ran the code as you posted it.