Recommendation for CO2 sensor

I will try with 3.3V. The product description says it can be powered up to 5.5V, but those descriptions are not always accurate.

The sensor is working now!!!
Thanks for the help!!!

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It may be able to be powered by 5 volts, but your microcontroller/SBC need to be able to handle 5 volts on the data lines if you have pull-up resistors soldered in place between your data lines and 5 volts. The Raspberry Pi is a 3.3-volt device and bringing data pins to 5 volts can damage it.

Glad it’s now working and there doesn’t appear to be permanent damage to it. This is why you should be cautious of using cheap boards such as these, opposed to more reputable vendors. These boards are inexpensive for a reason, because they don’t always incorporate logical or safe deisigns (such as leaving off pull-up resistors).

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You now also have to worry about having two sets of pull-up resistors in place, the ones on the Pi and the ones on the breakout board. Your circuit has multiple resistors in parallel, which is not advised, since it lowers the overall resistance of the circuit, threby increasing the current. It’s advised to disable the internal pull-up resistors, or better, remove the pull-up resistors from the breakout board competely.