Saving data automatically and location of collected data

I really appreciate to your program. I’m student in south Korea. Our team are doing experiment about smart farm by using your Mycodo system.

In our experiment, we use atlas sensors and use raspberry pie to communicate ic2. Our experiment wants to prevent data loss because data is important.

q1. What format is the data file stored locally and where is it stored? Also, what is the file name of the code that commands saving?

q2. We want to automatically continue to store data locally and separately. Can you recommend such a method?

Thank you very much

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Measurement data is stored in influxdb

You can query influxdb directly on the Pi, use the API to return measurements for particular inputs and date/time ranges, or export a CSV or measurements from a date/time range from the More → Export Import page. There are other methods, but these are likely the easiest.