Unsure why my readings stopped

Hello Kyle!
I hope your day is going well bro, i was wondering if you could help me understand a problem i’m having, i was brought my little hydro electricity box inside to work on it, plugged it into a display, set so it only boots to the command line, and properly set it to wifi, and when i plugged it all back in, i now dont get any readings!

I found my problem! it seems nothing is connected through i2c even though all of them show a blue light

what the hell did i do…

apparently i2c was disabled, reenabled, again, and restarted to no avail, still nothing showing :frowning:

it gives the ability
to turn on i2c every time i open sudo raspi-config,
no turn off option

so, after taking everything apart and reconnecting it back into a display inside and doing nothing else,
my i2c devices started to take measurements again…
no idea what happened
but feel free to delete this thread :slight_smile:

Strange. If one device faults, sometimes it can cause all devices on the I2C lines to fault. Removing all power to reset the sensors often helps. If there’s ever rewiring done, make sure to double check everything’s connected properly. Glad it’s working again.

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