8.10.0 Release New Features

Here are some of the major new features of the v8.10.0 release (2021/4/24). See the changelog for details.

  • Added several new Inputs, Outputs, and Functions.
  • New Camera module raspistill: for some reason I have not been able to acquire images from the high quality Pi camera at its max resolution (4056 x 3040) using the picamera library, even with a short cable. I even tried increasing the GPU memory, without success. I found raspistill could work with this resolution, so added it as a camera option.
  • Add Custom Actions to Functions: These operate similarly to Custom Actions for Inputs, where buttons, dropdown selections, and input fields can be created on the UI, which execute functions within the Function Controller. This allows another way to interact with Function controllers if the user wants to pass it data from the UI or execute common actions, such as calibration methods, directly from the UI.
  • Converted all Math controllers to Functions and disabled the creation of new Math controllers.
  • Converted all Display/LCD controllers to Functions and disabled the creation of new LCD controllers.
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