A word of warning about using Atlas Scientific products

A word of warning about using products from Atlas Scientific and expecting support from them when you have problems using their sensors.

I have built 5 raspberry pi water quality sensors (ph,do,ezo,temp and orp) using their EZO sensors. I extended 4 of these systems to include their pressure monitor sensor and have seen that these pressure sensors do not work correctly.

Today when I called them after no replies to email they basically told me to fuck off and stop using their products. I have spent in excess of £3000 on their sensors. But they tell me I am too demanding on their support team. If too demanding means I report failings in their products and software then I agree i am.

Just posting so others can be aware that their aftercare support is not what i would consider first class.

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I’ve never used their pressure sensor. What issue are you experiencing?

The pressure sensor is not recording the PSI value correctly. I compared the ezo pressure sensor against an external old fashioned monitor which recorded the psi as 3. The Atlas sensor reported the correct pressure for a few hours , then the sensor value increased to around 10 and then slowly decreased to zero and stayed at zero till the sensor was recalibrated to the correct value. Once recalibrated the same result occurs.
I have 4 sensors and all show the same symptoms everytime they are used.

What are the symptoms shown by the others if I could ask. I am heavily invested in these products and would love to avoid traps if I can.

the ph,do,ezo,temp and orp sensors are generally fine but I do see ph and temp values jumping around. I have changed out the probes to be from Atlas but still the readings can be wild.
I have found that cleaning and reseating the ezo chip and probe can help. These wild readings was one of my outstanding issues with their kit but it looks like I will never get an answer now.

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What are you using for power? I have found erratic readings to come from unstable voltage output on my power supply (DC-DC). My only other issues are related to Wifi sucking arse even with UAP-LR.

I am using the official pi 5v charger plus I also have the pijuice ups installed

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Do you know anything about the actual sensor that would explain the behavior? Can you provide the part number?

It is the EZO-PRS which is the Atlas pressure sensor. EZO-PRS™ Embedded Pressure Sensor | Atlas Scientific

The sensor is installed on the Tentacle 3 board from Whitebox Labs as per their guide. It is using i2c and has been factory reset (which should be all that is required) but the psi values it provides are incorrect and not stable. It has also been calibrated against a manual psi pressure sensor but the values it gives are unstable and eventually it reports zero psi.

Personally I am at a loss as to what could be going wrong as it is a basic sensor , easy to install and I am using the Atlas monitoring software to view the sensor values. No custom code just off the shelf products/software.

That’s not the sensor, that’s the device that’s using the sensor. I don’t believe they designed and manufactured the sensor (but I could be wrong). You can likely view what sensor by looking at the circuit board that’s exposed on the device. You may need a magnifying glass.