Adafruit tca multiplexer and am2315


im at the end of my little knowlegde. i have issues with my am2315 always getting error :slight_smile:

2023-05-03 20:26:34,009 - ERROR - mycodo.inputs.am2315_3c386b51 - All measurements returned failed CRC

that pops up every few minutes.

im using the tca9548A and ltc4311 i2cbus amplifier.

theres some correct data so i could use my climate controller but i want to fix this. tried everything like pull ups and so on. it must be a software problem i think.

can someone help me out ?

best regards

ok fixed it. it was the clock stretching bug.

ok after several days of running in high humidity setup the am2315 has stopped working. only a hard reset (power off controlling unit) make him alive again. mycodo deamon logs says same as clock stretching bug.

β€œAll measurements returned failed CRC”

any ideas now ?

best regards