Add calibration feature for Atlas ORP

It would be nice with at calibration feature for the Atlas ORP sensor. Its a one point calibration. Either hardcoded at 225mV or selectable like with the EC.

Its the same command as the other atlas sensors, Cal,225 for a 225mV solution.

# Atlas ORP
if command == 'ec_one_point':
    if self.board_version == 2:
        err, msg = self.send_command('cal,{uS}'.format(uS=set_amount))

Oh, and while we are at it. Would it be possible to add a address change feature for the atlas boards. I think its I2C,n for all of them. Where n is a integer from 0 to 127, but it would be better to be able to enter the hex address.

That’s a good idea. I just committed changes to add the ability to change the I2C address of current Atlas Scientific Inputs and the Atlas Peristaltic Pump Output. If you upgrade to master and test, let me know if it works.

Also added calibration to the Atlas Scientific ORP Input.

Got the I2C address change option, but the calibrate ORP is not an option yet.

Btw. the address change option works flawless.

Apparently the DO sensor also needs calibration. The default solution is 0 mg/L

I’m not sure what you mean. The commit that adds calibration is right there, above.

In the calibration drop down, the option is not there.


Ah. Calibration is performed from the Input itself, on the Data → Input page. I was actually thinking as I was adding the calibration last night that the Calibration section of the UI is really no longer needed since I added Actions that can be performed for each Input/Output/Function. This also allows users to create their own calibration routines since they are a part of the single-file module that is imported (rather than needing to edit multiple files that are deeply integrated in the UI).

Ahh. Didnt knew that. I calibrated pH and EC using the menu. It seemed to be working:) But I like it better under the actual input.

Would it possible to add the DO as well. Must be more or less a copy of ORP. Default is 0 mg/l

Sure. Literally took a minute because we figured it out for the other Inputs.