Adding GPIO output causes internet connection error

Fresh install of Raspbian, fresh Mycodo install, tried multiple times with different Pi’s and different SD cards and power supplies, all with same result. When I add GPIO outputs, then configure them, shortly after, I cannot connect to internet. Same after a reboot. The wifi connection stays up, and shows that I’m still connected (this is on the desktop, top right corner). This seems like a bug. Is anyone else willing to test? Any suggestions? Please and thanks!

Have you performed sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade?

I did :confused:
I realized i hadn’t before, then tried a run through again with fresh install of raspbian, the command you referenced, then Mycodo install, followed by adding an SCD30 input and no trouble until after adding three GPIO outputs and configuring them. No inputs or outputs had been activated. Ended with the same result in my original post.

Am I doing something wrong during install? I am using Raspberry Pi Imager to mount the latest version of 32bit debian bullseye, then updating with sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade, then installing mycodo, then adding an input, then adding the GPIO outputs. Is there a step I’m missing? I’m still pretty new to raspberry pi and linux, etc., and have only been tinkering with them for a handful of months.
Thanks again for all the support! MUCH obliged

@KyleGabriel , am I installing and adding inputs/outputs correctly? Am I missing something? Please and thanks

There’s nothing about the RPi.GPIO library (if that’s what library in use by your outputs- you did not specify the exact output) that should interfere with networking. In fact, nothing about Mycodo is even designed to interact with networking, so it sounds like either a software (non-Mycodo) or a hardware issue.

I have tried several Rpi 3b+ computers, with fresh install as I stated above, and the issue persists. I’m at my wits end and may have to abandon the project :confused:
I am starting with the newest raspbian install in 32bit, updating and upgrading, then installing mycodo, then adding 3 GPIO outputs, configuring them to control pins 36, 38, and 40. I have no other software on this install and have tried several boards. I had no issues when using a wireless power strip as my output, but I wanted to increase reliability, so I built a relay power box with plans to trigger those relays with mycodo’s GPIO output.
I’m at a loss as to what I should do.

There are no BCM numbered GPIO pins 36, 38, or 40. You appear to be using physical numbering where you should be using BCM.

Thanks! I’ll give it a go :smiley:

@KyleGabriel, I used the proper GPIO naming schema and I’m back up and running! Turns out that if you improperly identify the pins, like I did, for whatever reason, the internet connection gets lost. I really appreciate your help, and I subscribe to your patreon for just that reason. Much obliged :pray:

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That sounds like a pretty significant issue from a simple misconfiguration. I’ll see about potentially adding constraints to prevent users from saving pin numbers outside the range of actual pins.