Adding widget to dash, stuck after installing depencies

Hi, have tried to install the gauge widget and now the graph widget both of which did not complete.

The process stops after saving

See screenshots. What should I do?

Never seen this issue before. I’ll investigate, but in the future, copy the text rather than taking a screenshot. Screenshot text is unsearchable on the forum (for others having the same issue) and makes me have to type out the text to perform an internet search for a solution.

Ok, I will do so for any other issue that may come about!

Should I try to reinstall the whole system. That is Pi and Mycodo?

Now, finally I got it to work!
Previously when the dependency install failed I deleted the .depencies file and restarted the whole system, but the same error would occur again.
This time I only restarted front and back-end and afterwards it went through without trouble.
So now I can make use of those widgets.