ADS1115 Error 101

Hello there! I am a beginner working on a hydroponics project. I am using a pH sensor from DIY more connected to an ADS1115 which is connected to my Raspberry pi 4 running Ubuntu Mate OS. I keep getting an error and the value displayed is 0. I tried uninstalling Adafruit libraries which I previously installed to test my pH sensor before using Mycodo. I also saw something online about influxdb not configured properly. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi Albert,

This looks like an issue with the adafruit library. The latest version of the library may resolve the issue.

Try changing “2.2.12” to " 2.2.25" on the following line in the following file, then save, restart, delete your current input, then add the input again to initiate the dependency install. Let me know if this fixes the issue and I’ll update the library version in the next release.

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Hello, sir!

Thank you so much for your response. I changed 2.2.12 to 2.2.25 on the file on the line like you said. After doing so, I restarted the system and deleted and added the input and the dependencies were installed. Unfortunately, I am still getting values of 0 from the pH sensor. I double checked my wiring as well, it seems everything is okay on that part. pH probe to sensor module to ADS1115 to raspi. It seems there is still a problem. Thank you so much for your help!

We need to be looking at the log with every attempted fix. This is the only way to know if we’re making progress in fixing the initial error or if something else is causing the issue.

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Hi there!

As of today, it finally worked. I changed the same line 2.2.12 to 2.2.25 in the file as well and I restarted the system and deleted and added the input. I do not know if changing 2.2.25 in the file did the trick or maybe just the second restart after deleting and adding input since I only restarted the system once after changing the line in ads1115_analog_ph_ec file and not after deleting and adding the input again.

Thank you so much for your help! If you have time, I would like to discuss what my classmates and I are planning to do with our project and any insight or opinion about it which you can give would be greatly appreciated. thank you and take care

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Thanks for the update. I’ve included the version change in the next Mycodo release.

You can create a new thread to discuss your project, or if you prefer, you can send me a private message.

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I sent you an email, sir. I don’t know if it went through. Where can I send you a message privately?

I haven’t received an email. This forum supports messaging.

I can’t seem to find the option where I can message you privately from this forum

Click my profile picture, then there should be a Message button.

I cannot find the message button even in your profile for some reason. I will just send the message here

Hi there Mr. Kyle!

I hope this message finds you well. I am a Filipino student currently studying in Taiwan for my undergraduate degree. We are Mechanical Engineering Major in Mechatronics students. Me and two other people on my group have proposed a project similar to your automated hydroponic project. We referenced most of what we did to your work and have cited it on our paper. We use pH and EC sensors for the project and dispensers for pH and nutrients. We are planning to add an app for easier user interface. Basically, any plant suitable to be planted on the machine is known by the system and will change nutrient and pH parameters accordingly. So if the user picks cabbage to be planted for example, the machine will adjust the proper pH and nutrient levels for the plant by gathering information of the plant on a database as well. Also, the app will give more information to the user for proper care of the specific plant as well as if it is suitable with the environment and the machine’s capabilities.

The design of the machine is not enclosed so that it can also be used outdoors. Mainly we would like to achieve a readily available automated hydroponic machine that is easy to operate even if the user/consumer has little or no knowledge about farming, plants, and engineering work for machine maintenance. A hydroponic farming machine where anyone can grow good indoors without the worry for maintenance or in depth knowledge about farming. For now, pH and EC levels are the main function of the machine. Our knowledge regarding farming and planting is limited as well. We do know that some other requirements like humidity and temperature are to be considered depending on what plant and specific specie, but with time constraints, the idea of an easy user interface with cloud database on specific plants and adjustments accordingly (only for pH and EC levels for the meantime) are what we would like to achieve. Any insights or your opinion on this project and any tips on how to make this possible would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again so much for your responses, and have a nice day!