Agricoltura -gateway controller & daisy chainable RS485

I spotted this project

It’s recently open sourced the hardware:

Not sure how you’d integrate it into Mycodo, but I thought it may be of interest to some.

It’s likely not worth the effort since the developer has no desire to commercialize it and it would only ever be built by the most die-hard of enthusiasts, and due to the complexity, that may ever be just 1 person. It is an interesting project, but there are many automation circuit boards that have been designed and nothing more done with them besides that. Notice there’s also only one star on one of the repositories, which doesn’t mean it’s not well-designed, but it does indicate there’s not really a user base.

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Fair, it’s not that expensive to get a small run of boards fabbed up though.

I spotted there’s a Pi Hat version too. I’ll take a proper look at the PCB’s sometime