Air Sampling Pump Recommendation

I really like the idea of keeping the MH-Z19B out of the tent and in its own enclosed chamber to prevent damage from water or condensation and to keep the serial transmission shorter.

What’s a good, cheap little pump for that? I can’t make out a model number on the one Kyle used (but I suspect it might be something he just had on hand and not necessarily a cheap pump).

I might still have an Aqua Lifter that would work if its volume is good enough.

Any small-volume air pump will do. The pump you use will depend mainly on how you’ve constructed your sampling chamber and the voltage you have available to run the pump. The pump will need an inlet that can be connected to a tube if you want to keep your pump outside the environment you’re sampling from.

I’d planned on duplicating your medicine bottle setup since it’s cheap and the perfect size.

I found quite a few options once I searched for “12vdc vacuum pump”.

You have to be careful you don’t oversize the pump. Many that you will find will have a very high pump rate. This is a nice diaphragm pump that I use to move water, but can also be used to pump air:

The exact pump I used in the build is a KNF 5-volt diaphragm gas pump, part number 2305-NMP015-6.09, but you likely won’t find it anywhere since it’s no longer made. Here’s their lineup: KNF | Diaphragm Pumps | Find the right solution

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Cool beans! Thanks, Kyle!

I found this cheapo 12VDC one that feels like it puts out a decent amount of air and is fairly quiet. It had pretty good reviews from other sellers, so I found it here for $9 with next day delivery. If it craps out, I’ll grab one of those since it’s definitely beefier.