Any alternative to Raspberry? Maybe Orange Pi?

Hy there, is mycodo compatible with other Single Board Computers? I was considering other options because it is really hard to find a Raspberry Pi to buy, without having to paying at least 4 times the real price. I was considering the Orange Pi as an option, as it has GPIOs pins compatible with Raspberry.

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yeah, i was wondering about the same.
orangepi and bananapi, both use the rpi gpios. with debian distro, there shouldn’t be a big difference,…
at least if mycodo works in a baisc way - that lets pip decide what distro to choose.

i have a few orangepi laying around… i’ll try it the next days and let you know


I recently bought an Orange Pi and it runs Mycodo fine. I’ve had a connectivity issue with WiFi that I need to investigate a bit more, but it seems like a nice alternative to Raspberry Pis.

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Thanks for the info Kyle. Which OS did you use?

i suggest using debian, since mycodo is based on “rpi-os” or “raspian”, which is debian.

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Yes, Debian is great. I do see they just released Orange Pi OS and removed their previous page with other compatible operating systems. Strangely, the Download button doesn’t work.

hmm… indeed… i wonder what distro orangepi-os is based on… couldn’t find anything.

the old images are still available here

or maybe mycodo is working for all (or many?) rpi-gpio based boards running arm and debian?

or maybe even for the ones without rpi-gpio’s and with usb-to-i2c or usb-to-uart for breakout? hmm… could be worth a try

The page I linked to says it’s based on Arch.