Aquaponics - Atlas & Beagleboard AI & FarmOS

I’m thinking to run Mycodo on Ubuntu 22.04 on a

Connected via I2C to the Wi-Fi Aquaponics Kit | Atlas Scientific (initially - May do CanBUS later)

Separately I’d cloud host a FarmOS instance and I hope to sync up the logs I take there into the ‘notes’ of Mycodo

Does that all seem fairly plausible?

I’d additionally have at least one flow meter Supported Inputs - Mycodo

And one four channel relay (pumps) Grove - 4-Channel SPDT Relay - Seeed Studio

Looking forward to seeing an aquaponics setup. its something I want to do as well so I’ll be keeping an eye on your journey!

wow that aquaponic kit is pretty pricey! Is such a kit really worth it instead of sourcing the various sensors individually and polling and managing them in Mycodo yourself instead of letting the kit be a middle man?

My personal gut feeling would be to rely on analogue test strips for water health, I don’t think in aquaponics you can aspire to fine and direct control over your water quality compared to hydroponics that cut the living organisms mostly out of the equation. its all Gut feeling though, I have no practical experience with aquaponics (or hydroponics). I’d just spend some brainpower on what sensors you really need and what their wear and tear is like before investing hefty sums.

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There are certainly cheaper ways of doing it, I’m optimising ease of use and accuracy with this set up.

I’d collect Seneye data too and compare that to the Atlas results.

I’ve actually found the to be pretty good. There’s a ~£10 month charge, but even so it’s fairly affordable.

Wondering about doing some CanBUS relays/sensors too.

Or alternately I guess I could use the Feather format
Feather relay
Feather Canbus/ Pico
Feather motor control (fish feeder)
Ezo carrier
Picohome firmware

Possibly using a CM4 instead of the Twisted fields or Beagle
CM4 carrier
CanBUS hat

More Open hardware research.

For the CPU
This CM4 carrier from Qwave provides - 40 pin header, hardware watchdog, Gigabit ethernet
CanBUS Pi hat

For the MCU/ sensors at the end of a bit of CanBUS
This Olimex STM with CANBUS in UNO form factor
Open hardware whitebox EZO for UNO form factor

CPU and MCUs may both live in a die cast box with waterproof cable glands or blank

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