Atlas pH sensor setup

Love your work on automated-hydroponic-system. I purchased an Atlas pH sensor for my Tower Garden, and I’m in the process of setting up some code to tinker with it via a Teensy 4.1 device, and I seem to be getting ph readings (in continuous mode). I have the EZO-pH circuit connected to electrically isolated carrier board, connecting TX/RX to my Teensy Serial1 pins and I’m getting numbers like 4.072, and if I switch the TX/RX I get nothing, so I’m pretty sure my default baud rate of 9600 is working ok. But it is not responding to any commands I send it like “status”, “C,0”, “i”, “name” or anything else listed in pH_EZO_Datasheet.pdf ( Does it not respond to these commands until calibration is done? I don’t want to try calibration if the UART connection is not good first…

Looking at your code in I don’t see anything different from what I’m doing… is there some magic step need to get the device talking properly?

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That doesn’t sound like it’s working correctly. I have much more experience with I2C than UART with Atlas devices. Have you tried switching to I2C to see if that works?

Never mind, I was hilariously off by 1 on my RX/TX pins on the Teensy! Works perfectly now! Yay.

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