Atlas Scientific O2 sensor

Hi Kyle!

i can see there is missing O2 sensor in selection of input devices. Is there any chance it will be added overtime?
Otherwise, what is the way to implement it into Mycodo?

Thank you and wish you have a great day.

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The easiest way to create an Input for this sensor would be to take another one of the Atlas Scientific Inputs (preferably one with only 1 measurement) and modify it to work with the O2 sensor. It should be relatively easy to make the new Input this way.

Do you have this sensor in order to test the input?

Hi Kyle,

my big apologies for late reply.

I got the O2 sensor already, only tried to instal mycodo and connect the sensor to it. What would be the way to reconfigure already preset input. will be there any further re-callibration required?

Going thru the mycodo and all its documentations and i have to say, big up and big thanks for wonderful work. Still didnt find a time to start to explore all the functions and automatization possibilities, but as i can see by documentation, it is really sofisticated and well done for the agriculture or environmental control. Many thanks! :pray:

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Ok, i think i just made it works. Copied and edited your file, saved into file, then added the o2 id in Configuration - Measurements and as iam comparing it with simple code from Atlas Scientific websites, it gives me the exact same value. Wonderful.

One more thanks for this super great project! Once i will have some setup ready i will post the details here. Wish you have a blessed day ya all :pray:


I just added the Atlas Scientific O2 support, but built the module with a little more features. I included the ability to turn on of off the LED and temperature compensation from a measurement or manual value. This will be available in the next release.