Atlas Whitebox T1 with Blue Robotics I2C Sensors

Newbie here.

Setup: Whitebox T1 MkII on Arduino Uno (rev B) with Adafruit Datalogging Shield, four Atlas Ezo Circuits (DO, EC, pH, ORP) on ports 1-4 (Ezo addresses 97-100), with Blue Robotics Celsius temperature sensor (TSYS01) and Bar30 pressure sensors on T1 ports 6 and 7.


  1. Ezo Console is not seeing ports 6 and 7 (Arduino I2C scan sees them on 0x76 and 0x77)
  2. Ezo Console sees unknown I2C device on Ezo address 104 (0x68)
  3. I’d like to move the DO Circuit frm port 1 to port 5, but port 5 has no power

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve resolved problems 1) and 2).

Would still like to solve problem 3): move DO Ezo circuit to Port 5 on the Whitebox T1, if anyone has any experience with that.


No power caould indicate an issue with the board itself. It’s supposed to be powered? Do you have a multimeter to probe the board traces to see where power isn’t reaching where it should? The other ports shuld give you an idea of where power should be, to test the same locations on port 5.