Automated Hydroponics - Only Specific Parts

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for putting this together this looks like an awesome community with lots of like minded individuals working towards the same overall goal.

I wanted to give some background before I submitted my question, I am a new market participant in the Thailand Medical Cannabis Industry and I wanted to create build out my own system rather than being hugely reliant on buying gear i.e. Trolmaster

My two questions are, 1. you dosing system would this be suitable to be adjusted to be used with an Aeroponic System?

  1. Rather that create the entire automated Hydroponic system, I would only need to create specific Parts for example:
  2. Environmental Monitoring and Regulation System
  3. Water Condition Sensing
    3.Water Dosing
  4. Water Level and Flow Sensing

Any suggestions about how to go about this? I would love to be your first cannabis use case.



Yes…all your above mentioned points are already covered in Mycodo.