Bar Graph widget

I’m building an AeroGarden knock-off and am planning on having several, perhaps 8 basins each of about 2 gallons of nutrient. On my smaller AeroGarden knock-offs, I found that I was not good about monitoring nutrient level and EC. So first step is a nutrient level detector. I got bad results from a VL6180 sensor but good results from a VL53L4CD.

I have a VL53L4CD working with Mycodo and it reads correctly on a circular Hightchart gauge. However, it seems that a bar graph would be a better visualization of the level of a liquid in a basin or reservoir. Similar to the circular gauge, the colorization could be used to show if nutrient needs to be added and how much. As the VL53L4CD reads to 1mm, it appears that a fairly good indication could be set, for example, add 1 gallon of nutrient.

So what is required to change the Highchart code to create a bar graph widget?

From the changelog for the yet-to-be-released 8.15.0:

Add ability to set each Graph Widget series type to either Line or Column