Basic PID Temperature regulation issue

Everything is up to date. this issue has not been covered which i assume is because its such a “noob” question.

I have been using Mycodo to track temperatures with ease and success for months. (Ds18b20’s)
I copied the pelican box construction with relays in order to attach my heaters to the Mycodo system.

Created an output for GPIO On/Off, pin 24.
I can manually turn the relay on and off with the output, so i know the wiring is good.

I then attempt to set the function to a simple PID.
THE PROBLEM: The PID whenever the temperature drops below the setpoint line, thus activating the relay. The PID turns the relay on, then off, repeated at random intervals, each longer than the last, until it permanently stays on.

The same occurs when the temperature rises above the setpoint line. the relay turns off, then on, over and over before settling in.

This might be a kpi issue on my part, but i was not able to find any mention of solution to this.
Here are my PID Settings. and graph.

Hi. Why are you referring to this as an issue? What are you expecting to occur?

I assumed the intended result would be simply for the relay to respond right away and not stutter it’s way into action?

Is this the PID working accordingly?

I would recommend reading the manual and the other resources linked there, to learn how PID controllers work.