Blowing up Meanwell LED Drivers

Hello! I just blew up six drivers in a row in an effort to understand why I am blowing up drivers… I am powering Meanwell LDDS-H 1000ma 48v driverswith a 48V 7.3 A meanwell power supply.

Two LDDS-H 1000ma per Box, 0-10V dimmer, all to power two LED bars that dim together and are powered by separate drivers.

I’m passing up the main 48V power from box to box by barrel jacks, and each time I connect a new box the drivers blow up and release nasty magic smoke and a tar substance. AFAIK I’m not somehow reversing polarity and causing a short because after the drivers blow up the lights remain at 100% power incapable of dimming, which at least tells me the polarity is correct because my lights are still on for each box, just no longer getting dimming control. I also experience this exact scenario when powering the the top barrel jack. Don’t know why.

If someone could take a look at my wiring I would appreciate it. Because boy am I stumped.

That picture tells us nothing at all.

Without a detailed wiring diagram of every component, we will have no idea why you are frying your drivers.

Why are you even using dimmers?
And why would you keep plugging them into your drivers if it fried the first one?!?!?!?
Forget the dimmers.
You don’t need them, especially if they are frying your drivers.

You really should be asking this question on the driver-dimmer-lights manufacturer’s tech support.

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I want to be able to control the intensity of my lights…

It was not obvious at the time that was the reason for frying the drivers, hence why I did it multiple times.

Jason, you have given me several shitty responses now to pretty innocent problems. Your answer told me nothing at all… Thanks bro

My answers are only as good as the info you provide.
Even a certified electrical engineer would not be able to troubleshoot your problem with the picture you posted.
You are asking a very specific question about a very specific piece of hardware on a forum for general DIY automation of mushroom and hydroponics systems.
Why do you think it’s “shitty” of me to tell you to go ask the question where you’re more likely to get a better and faster response to your very specific question from the people who actually designed and manufactured that specific piece of hardware?

You’re welcome.

The data sheet specifies DIM (-) (Black) should be connected to - Vin (Black), but it doesn’t appear you have it wired that way. Your potnetiometer (?) appears to be just connected between DIM (-) (Black) and DIM (+) (White).

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The datahseet also specifies - Vin (Black) should not be connected to - Vout (Blue) , but your output connectors have one with - Vin (Black) and the other 2 using - Vout (Blue). If you somehow have your lights sharing a common ground outside this circuit, you would indeed be connecting - Vin (Black) and - Vout (Blue).

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Thanks Kyle, that was the fix. I overlooked the fact that Dim- and Vin- needed to be connected. I guess that was enough to smoke the drivers.

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Yeah, amazing what you can do when you read the wiring diagram, eh? :rofl:

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