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I am setting up Mycodo for the first time to automaty hydroponic nutrients, and am trying to set up the water level email. For some reason, when I try to save the condition, I get this error:


I am not sure how to fix that. I believe that I have given mycodo root privileges, and that has not fixed it. Any help would be appreciated.


Duplicate of

See the changelog of the status of the next release with the pylint fix

When will the update 8.15.13 be released?

I have updated Mycodo and I cannot save any conditional controller functions.

From github comment: “this doesn’t affect the functionality of a Conditional Controller, it merely prevents pylint from running”

My experience with the issue is that I cannot save any code changes in the conditional controller, so the functionality of the Conditional Controller is affected.

How did you determine that?

I am unsure what you mean.

However, I enter my own code into a Conditional Controller “Initialize Python Code” & “Run Python Code” sections.

Mycodo does not allow me to save any code changes. The same error message displays as previously reported.

Conditions and actions can be added to the conditional controller. The conditional controller can be activated and deactivated.

No code changes can be made to a conditional controller.

Can you push the 8.15.13 release to correct this issue?

I’m not prepared to make a release, but you’re welcome to upgrade to master. Instructions can be found in the github wiki.