Camera timelapse error

sudo sed -i ‘s/v.*(\d\.\d\.\d)/v(\d+)\.(\d+)\.\d+/g’ ~/Mycodo/mycodo/utils/ && sudo service mycodoflask restart

Same error after execution of the above command

Error in camera timelapse setting after upgrading from 8.15.0 to 8.15.6
But capturestill works. camera is usb camera. 8.15.0 version working is good.

Why would you execute that command?

The error you’re getting is because you’re not entering a Run Time value, which is required for a time-lapse to start. You can see in your screenshot you have that of the two options empty.

When I upgraded from 8.15.0 to 8.15.6, I got the same error and it was upgraded after executing the command.

yes. working. thank you

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