Can Cytron Maker Pi Mycodo?

Hello I spent some time and learned a lot building a version of your product. I am running servo vent controls and and pwm l298n x 6.
I figured maybe some of this is already on 1 board. Found maker pi with 2 motor controls and 4 servo outlets and 7 sensor comports…
Maybe someone has used this maker pi and can explain if it’s useful for Mycodo?

I also saw this yahboom 6wd robot expansion card.
Figured it has a lot of the puzzle on one board but I got no experience beyond copying your stuff.

Maybe there is already a robot control board with multiple motor drivers and pwm servo pins and maybe i2c inputs…

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Mycodo is largely hardware agnostic. That is, you can use any hardware you want, as long as it can communicate with the computer running Mycodo and if there’s an output/input that already exists or one you create/import.

If you’re looking for something to do everything you want, you can either 1) buy individual components (breakout boards) and use only what you need, 2) buy a multi-purpose board and likely have more components than you need, or 3) make your own board with exactly what you need.