Can I use Mycodo with Lora connection?

Hi, I would like to use the Mycodo library for my smart farm. However, the problem is that the smart farm is remote from any internet connection. Hopefully, I would like to use the LoRa module(not other wireless connections such as Sigfox, cause of price) to send the sensor data measured from the Raspberry Pi inside the smart farm to the Raspberry Pi connected to LoRa gateway. Is it still possible to use the Mycodo library in the Pi connected to LoRa gateway even though the sensors are not connected directly? If possible, I would like to know how to.

Please excuse my ignorance, any advice would be appreciated. Thank you:)

What module are you referring to?

Sorry for being late.

I didn’t decide which LoRa module to use yet. I just want to check out if Mycodo is available with Lora connection. Is there a particular LoRa module that supports Mycodo?

LoRa is just a data transmission technique. You can implement it any way you desire, be it LoRaWAN or something else. There are numerous LoRa modules that allow you to build completely custom solutions or fully-built gateways that will transmit data from your nodes to The Things Network or elsewhere. Mycodo already supports the ability to download data from The Things Network, but if you want a custom solution to work with your LoRa hardware, you will likely have to build your own custom Input module.

I think I now can solve my problems!

Thanks a lot! :grinning:

Sorry for asking again. So now I understand the Mycodo can receive data via the Things Network. But is it possible to configure the measurement settings(measurement periods…) or activate/inactivate the outputs remotely by only using the LoRa module?

has anybody implemented lorawan on mycodo?

I am looking to build my own lorawan gateway and install a SX1262 LoRa HAT on my rasp pi with mycodo.

I want to transfer all sensors readings from mycodo via lorawan and then my mqtt broker via chirpstack. I dont want to use the Thingsnetwork other than for testing.

I am not a coder so looking to see if anybody has done this before.


hi @KyleGabriel I have implemented 5 x water quality sensors using Atlas Scientific Tentacle 3 on a rasp pi which send the data over wifi to mqtt broker and then onto home assistant. Works no problem.

I now want to replace my wifi connection with Lorawan as the water quality sensors are to be placed outdoors. I have a RAK edge 2 lorawan gateway connected to TTN (or my own self hosted Chirpstack) and a Dragino lora hat for my rasp pi. All the connectivity works but I am struggling to understand how to get Mycodo to communicate over lorawan, you have stated using custom input module but I am at a loss.
I would appreciate any help/direction you can offer

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