Cannot read data from ccs811 in Mycodo while the code individually works

hey there,

I have this fella in my system which I try to integrate into Mycodo via script. I get “Error 101: Device not set up. See Error Codes - Mycodo for more info.” each time no matter what I try but interestingly, I can get eco2 and tvoc values from the sensor with the same code when I try to initialize it in python terminal. It is enough for me to grab;

import adafruit_ccs811
from adafruit_extended_bus import ExtendedI2C

sensor = adafruit_ccs811.CCS811(ExtendedI2C(1), 0x5b)
print(sensor.eco2, sensor.tvoc)

What could be the problem in here? Thanks in advance!

Is there an error in the Daemon Log for this input at the time of activation?

It works properly now even though I have changed nothing. I hope it keeps as in this way :slight_smile: Btw, may I ask what is the appropriate way to sync the code changes in Mycodo? Is restarting the backend enough?

I again started experiencing my sensor not working meanwhile I can read data with the same code as Mycodo does from the terminal. I only get the error below about the sensor during the activation;

“ERROR - mycodo.inputs.ccs811_CP_70711835 - Error initializing, trying again in 5 seconds: Device returned an error! Try removing and reapplying power to the device and running the code again.”