Can't I use ccs811 in raspberry pie?

Can’t I use ccs811 in raspberry pie?
Not displayed in i2cdetect -y 1.
40:Temperature and humidity sensor, 48:ph/ec sensor, 3c:lcd


Mycodo cannot read from a sensor that isn’t detected by the operating system. You will need to figure out that issue before attempting to use any Input modules Mycodo may have to communicate with it. Often, issues communicating with sensors is the result of either:

  1. I2C not being enabled
  2. Incorrect wiring
  3. Incorrect or faulty power supply (including voltage drop across long wires)
  4. Communication issues over long wires
  5. Incompatibility with other connected hardware (disconnect all over devices to test just the sensor)
  6. Faulty hardware (breakout board, sensor, or Pi)