Changing "Number of Line Sets" for 20X4 LCD doesn't actually change number of line sets

How can I add 2nd number of line sets for 20X4 LCD. . I cant see any option to add set.
When I choose Number of sets as 2 the LCD shows all 4 lines as “Error” as there is no option to add the set. Please help me if I am doing something wrong here.

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Thanks for the bug report. This indeed was an issue with the code that I just found and fixed:

If you would like to test the latest code prior to release, you can upgrade to master.

I upgraded but now the display is blanc. Previously it was showing 4 lines but now it is only backlight. Tried to restart front end backend but problem is not solved. Only the backlight on / off command in function is still working

Delete the Function to make sure you’re not observing any remnant database issues. Also consult the daemon log for any relevant errors.

Deleted function and added a new one. Result is same. No errors on Daemon Log. Here is the attachment

Do you have debug mode enabled for the Function?

I am absolutely sorry. It was my fault. LCD was connected to 3.3v. I just noticed. Now it is working fine. I am really sorry for wasting your valuable time. Really sorry sir

No problem. Thanks for discovering a pretty significant bug and helping it get fixed.

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