Conditional MQTT publish no value

Hey there,

I’m trying to setup a simple mqtt publish condition, it seems to publish when condition is met, but the value is 0 bytes.

self.run_action("{4a4b5d18}", value=33)

Any ideas what might be causing this?


I’m not exactly sure. Try changing this:

To ths:

def action_mqtt_publish(cond_action, message, value=None):

Save, restart, and see if it works.

Hello Kyle,

adjusted, saved, restarted, unfortunately it’s the same :frowning:

I’ve tried string and initializing it in the begining of the code, still nothing.

After trying to figure it out with the help of a friend (I don’t know jack s**t about programming and it’s a real struggle) we can’t set it to publish.
Apart from the hint above, do you have any other suggestions how could we make this work?

What I’m trying to do is actuate ph up/down pumps via esp listening to that topic - a LOT cheaper than ezo pumps, which unfortunately while easy to operate are quite expensive.

Thank you for sharing your software, its REALLY great and easy to use. After reading trough this and your previous forum, true dedication stands out!
Off topic - what would be the best case scenario for you and Mycodo? Is there a cause or goal? Do you plan to develop further and at some point hit the market or? How could one help or support you? Never the less, amazing guides on your mushroom and hydroponic projects!

If it’s a bug and not a configuration issue on your end, I’ll have to take a look at the code and set up a test scenario. I’m not sure when I can get to this, however when this was initially implemented, I’m fairly sure the user who requested/tested it said it was working as expected.