Connect ph and EC with one ADS1115

I want to do project Hydrophobic but the sensors not from atlas or gravity.
Is it possible to use only one ADS to PH andEC?

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Yeah, sure. ADS1115 variants generally have 4 pins which you can separately use for your pH and EC devices.

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Take a look in the supported devices section of the manual for more info. Here’s a Generic pH/EC Input for the ADS1115: ADS1115: Generic Analog pH/EC

I don’t found code for ph/tds with raspberry pi
If you have any information

The link I provided is showing you that Mycodo has a generic analog pH/EC input that allows connecting analog pH or EC sensors to an analog-to-digital converter (ADS1115). I don’t know what you are referring to when you say you “haven’t found code”, when the code already exists as an Input in Mycodo.