Controlling Mycodo from another Network

Hi, I’m working at a mushroom farm in Kansas City, we love Mycodo! We cannot, however, figure out how to connect to it over the internet from another location. I’ve already gone through trying Port Forwarding, and unfortunately I believe my ISP has the required ports blocked. I’m interested in going the FRP route, however I am unsure where to begin.

Right now, we’ve just got the Raspberry Pi running, and are connecting to the client through a laptop or our phones.

To use FRP, do we need another computer that lives at the farm? Does anyone have any resources that spell out the steps to set FRP up? Would running a VPN be easier?

Thanks all

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Hi Jake. FRP requires the frps (server) to be constantly running in a computer with 1 port exposed to the internet for all the frpc clients to connect to. This frps computer can be a VPS or even another Raspberry Pi. The frpc clients will run on every Pi you want to remotely connect to, and will connect to the server. When you want to connect to any of your remote systems running frpc, you will connect to the server’s IP address at a unique port specific for each of your clients. I have both an HTTPS and SSH port set up for each of my clients so I can connect to the Mycodo web UI or SSH into each of my remote systems. How this is specifically configured is explained in the frp docs on guthub.