Conversion Not Found "C" to "pH"

Hello all,

My system is up and running, but after a calibration and functionality check I noticed these lines of code in my logs:

“2023-01-09 13:01:08,325 - ERROR - mycodo.inputs.sensorutils - Conversion not found for ‘C’ to ‘pH’.
2023-01-09 13:01:11,384 - ERROR - mycodo.inputs.sensorutils - Conversion not found for ‘C’ to ‘uS_cm’.”

From what I can tell it isn’t hurting functionality, but I don’t know how to trace the error or how to fix it. If anyone has seen this before or can point me in the right direction on how to fix this that would be great!

Thanks in advance!!

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Something you’ve configured is attempting to convert a measurement of unit Celsius to pH, and another from Celsius to uS/cm, which there are no conversions defined for (for good reason because you cannot convert between these units). It should be fairly easy to determine what is doing this, since you can control what Input, Function, etc. is active at any given time. This error alone isn’t useful for diagnostics, so you will need to provide more information about what is using this function.

I ended up deleting my inputs and re-configuring them and I am now not seeing the error. I must have accidentally selected something in the inputs before I redid them. Thank you for the help.

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