Could use some help understanding how to setup pca9685 + l298 for use with parastaltic pumps

Hi everyone! I am pretty new to mycodo, but I’ve been messing around with home assistant for several years. I’m pretty familiar with using microcontrollers but not the greatest at writing code.
I’ve been trying to make my grow rooms all automated with home assistant, I could never really make it fully automated without bugs. So I came across mycodo and it seems to fill all the boxes! Only issue is I can’t figure out how to add pca9685 and l298 and get them to work. I tried searching for answers but not luck.
I’m not really sure whether its a configuration issue but I can’t get the PWM channels setup properly. And I don’t know how to change the gpio pins from raspberry to pwm channels.

Thanks for reading!

You can use Adafruit PCA9685 I2C controller from Output section. It is very simple to use.

I have that part setup and working. I can control direction and motor speed. But I cannot figure out how to create automations like ph control and automatic nutrient dosing.
I’ve done it before using home assistant and esphome but that was using relays and wasn’t very accurate.

Go to Setup ---- Functions-----Regulate pH and Electrical COnductivity.
Choose your pH / EC inputs
In Output Options you will All output channels for PCA9685. Select the concerned channel select duration / Output amount. Activate the function and thats it.

This Function is in a yet-to-be released version, not the stable release.

There’s a section in my hydroponic automation article devoted to explaining just this.

Oh… I did not know that.

I can test the unstable version out for you

go to Settings - configure - diagonstics - upgrade to master
Once you finish upgrade, regulate pH, Conductivity function is available in functions menu to use.