Cycles or scheduled timer?

Hello, first off I just want to say thank you for all the hard work put into mycodo and the automated mushroom video you did. That video alone inspired me to try growing mushrooms myself.

Well here I am, I have a semi functional system but I lack the coding abilities to really do what I was hoping to do. At this point while I learn how to use PID functions I’m looking for a simple way to do a cycle or daily schedule timer. Is there a simple way to do this? I have little to no coding abilities but I am capable of following a tutorial and tweaking it for my needs usually. Currently I have no idea how I can accomplish this with my limited skills especially since it looks like python is the required language which I zero experience with.

All I’m looking to do is either

  1. a constant on duration, off duration loop
    Or 2) at x time run for x seconds/minutes from multiple times throughout the day

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated


You can complish this without any coding, using Trigger Functions and Actions. A Time Span Trigger will execute the added Actions every set Period. E.g. if you wanted to turn an output on for 60 seconds every 120 seconds, merely set the Period to 120 and add an Output Action with an on Duration of 60 seconds. You can use the Activate and Deactivate Actions to turn this function on and off at any time of the day with a Daily Time Point Trigger.

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To add to this, If I may, how would I go about it when it’s not an On/Off output but a value?

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There is also an Action for sending a Value to an output.

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A little feedback on how I solved it.

  1. Created 2 trigger:timer(duration)functions, one for FAE ON and one for FAE OFF and an enable and dissable FAE function

  2. FAE ON was set like this

  3. FAE OFF was set like this

  4. dissable FAE function deactivates the triggers and sets my fanspeed 0-10V to 0V

  5. enable FAE function enables both triggers.

This results in a 6 times per hour FAE that lasts 2 minutes.

Thanks for helping out.
Enjoy the weekend,

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Thank you for the example. I will have to look at this once I’m home. I have it kinda working right now but it doesn’t seem to work consistently, sometimes it doesn’t trigger it seems like.