Database capacity

Just wondering what capacity the database has? and how it is configured whether it over writes old values when fill? if it is possible to add a usb drive and store data there? whether it is possible to store data in an external cloud service? and whether mycodo could retrieve this archive data? if mycodo could export the data in say csv format for analysis in other software programs?


This depends on how many measurements are being stored and at what rate. For most applications, a reasonably sized storage (>16 GB) is unlikely to ever be filled.

It is not configured to do this. You can always reconfigure influxdb after Mycodo is installed.

It probably is, but I’ve never attempted this.

Not in the current release, but several weeks ago I added support for choosing to use influxdb 1.x or 2.x during the install and also the ability to set the influxdb host and credential settings from the Mycodo config. This allows specifying a remote influxdb instance to store and retrieve data from.

Yes, this can be done on the import/export page. You can also acquire measurement data via the API.

Thanks very much for your response

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