Dht22 stops reading after short time

Hey :wave:
I have the system since a year ago. I Like it. But since the Last two Versions i have Problems with the dht22. It runs without Problems and after a short time the function stops. It only helps when im Cut Off the Power. Is there a way to Install an older Version of mycodo.

Hi Chris,

All releases are available on github. You simply need to run the setup.sh script to install from source. However, there is no support for old versions.

More people seem to be reporting these similar problems like I’ve been posting about now for the past 7 months. Problems suddenly start after upgrading to 8.15.8 and beyond… sensors work fine for a while, then suddenly stop functioning for no apparent reason and require a power-cycle to regain function… then, sensors work fine again for a while until the problem repeats again after a random amount of time. Every time a sensor stops functioning, it triggers a cascade of other errors in the logs. I understand you are very busy, and that you have said you haven’t been able to replicate this issue, but can we at least agree that there are now too many similar incidents for this to be ignored as an “outlying or unique issue”? It seems to me there is a pattern here. I just don’t know where to begin trying to track down the root cause.

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No, I can’t agree. The handful of issues occuring across hundreds, if not thousands, of active systems doesn’t suggest this is a widespread or systemic issue. The DHT sensors are also very unreliable and not recommended. And no issue has been ignored. That is a mischaracterization. There is a difference between not being able to do anything because there’s too little information provided and being ignored.

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Now have 8.15.8. Runs again without problems. I have now deactivated updates.

There is no automatic update system to deactivate.