Displaying accumulated volume dispensed

What’s the easiest way to display the accumulated volume dispensed by a peristaltic pump? And to access it via python and also be able to reset it easily?

If its already logged somehow, I can access it via the Python 3 Code to create a custom input. Alternatively it would make a nice addition to the motor driver output with an additional variable that is resettable via the output tab


It would be nice to be able to keep track of consumables and get an alarm before before it runs low.

The Sum (Past, Single) Function can sum measurements in a past set duration. For anything else, you will have to build a custom Function or modify whichever Output you’re using if it doesn’t already support volume totaling.

That might work.

I wonder how other people does it. I might look into creating another variable and a button to reset it.

I guess I can copy a lot from existing outputs. Are all variables related to an output declared inside the output py or do I need to look elsewhere also?

Everything for Input, Output, Function, and Widget modules are contained within the single file that is imported.