Does EC get affected by light

hey there,

I use this specific EC sensor to measure EC rates in my water tank. However, I observe a 200 to 300 rate drop every night when lights get off and the same rate up when lights occur every morning. Is it expected to happen? Does the EC sensor get affected by light if that light gets in the water tank? I’d appreciate any help here.

p.s.: The rate doesn’t instantly drop or increase when lights get off and on, respectively. It takes about 2-3h to get there.

200 to 300 what? μS/cm? It could be related to plant and/or microbial physiology of light/dark metabolism. You could test this by moving your light out of the grow space and see if the actual light is affecting the measurements or the electronics of the light.

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I forgot to mention about to unit. Yes, 200 to 300 μS/cm.

Will do.