Does water flow or turbidity effect on pH/EC values?


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I wonder whether some conditional facts like turbidity or water flow in a water tank (25L) affect on pH/EC values?

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Particulates will often affect the conductivity of water, but depending what those particulates are, it may or may not affect pH. The flow of water shouldn’t have a significant affect on EC or pH. What’s important is whether the water is adequately mixed in order to create accurate measurements and not create any stratification.

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btw, may I ask whether you had used tap water or some other specific brand for the automated hydroponic project. right now, I have a chronic increment in the pH & EC rates as the time passes even though I inject a considerable amount of pH down solution. I wonder if there is a pH limit for the water source to be used in such systems. I tried both the tap water and drinkable versions of water sources. results were the same. thanks in advance!