DS18B20 Temp incorrect and fluctuating

||Temp reading on live measurements appears unstable fluctuating widely 129F to 38F on each re-read
||Same F and K ranges|
||For constant room temp 16.5 C = 61.7 F|
||Re tested with 2nd DS18B sensor same response|
wired to GPIO 4 per manual pg 249

cfg below using the 1 wire interface and 1 wire device ID 10.67C6697351FF
using mycodo 8.13.2

The owfs variant of the DS18B20 Input is not recommended. Use the other one. In general, if there are more than one Input for the same sensor, it’s advised to try another if you’re having issues with one.

As iam going thru the setup, I had a similar issue with multiple DS18B20 (onwire waterproof) sensors connected into GPIO 4. Properly connected with 4,7K resistors, showed in Mycodo with IDs 10.xxxxxFF / 00.00000xxx / nothing. I went thru all three variants of DS18B20 devices in Mycodo, but got out only these IDs (nothing like 28.xxxxxxxx as suppose to be). With 10.xxxxx ID it shows very incorrect and jumping temp measurements.
Problem somehow magicaly solved once i changed 1wire GPIO pin to different number than 4. Now 5 1wire RTDs on GPIO 21 works like charm.

Thanks for the feedback. I have now tried all of the available DS18 input variants and only found the owfs to detect an input. I have also tried on GPIO 5 and 21 and still get widely fluctuating data, also 12 bit selection and default. Im using raspberry pi 3b+.

DS18B20 device IDs start with 28. According to your Input, your DS18B20 is not detected if you don’t see IDs that start with 28.

I don’t understand why it is not been detected as the DS18B20 was purchased from adafruit so should be good also connected per manual page 249. Also I get a live data reading from it. There is no device ID starting with 28 device shown 10.67C6697351FF this is using the owfs which you say is not recommended. But nothing detected as posted for the other DS18 input cfg variants

Yes, your DS18B20 is not detected, therefore anything else you attempt to read from with any input is not reading from the sensor. You will need to figure out the issue with your hardware/software configuration to get it to work. Check all wiring, 1-wire is enabled, etc.

Thanks for the support yes with 1 wire enabled GPIO4 default and w1thermsensor lib used I get good results with multiple sensors connected not owfs which fluctuates.

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