Ebb and Flow build

Thanks for making this available, I’m having blast with it. Here’s my controller build for a Pi3, Tentacle T3 and a Sequent Microsystems relay HAT.

Short story is I was doing Kratky but wanted to try Ebb and Flow for fruiting plants. To date it’s been ridiculously successful so I’m building a 2nd.

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That looks great! Thanks for sharing. Do you have any more information about what features the boards provide? Do you have your case 3D model available anywhere? If you do, please update your original post to keep it all in one post so it’s easy for people to find when they open the thread.

Yes, but rather than post it here I’m thinking Github would be neater and easier to maintain so I uploaded a stub. Lot’s of tips, tricks and experience to share. I’ll flesh out the text as time permits.

Mycodo Hyrdoponic Build

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Done (I think). Enjoy!

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