EC and pH Regulation Function question

Congratulation Kyle for new release. Just going thru new pH and EC function…I noticed in new EC function Set Point is 150. In previous version we used to mention range between 1000 to 1200. So setpoint was 1100? So it is a mistake or 150 is correct?
Please clarify so I can start using it

The setpoint is whatever you set it to be, i.e. you are not forced to use the default value that’s populated when the function is created.

Default values should be conservative. Consider a hypothetical scenario where someone inexperienced with the system is using the function for the first time with seedlings and creates the function and activates it without changing any setpoints. Would you want that person to have a default EC value of 150 or 1500? If it were 1500, and they didn’t catch their mistake in time, they would likely stunt or kill all their seedlings.

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Understood. Thank you very much.