EC & PH values heavily fluctuating

Hey there.
Just installed mycodo with simple aliexpress probes&modules for PH and EC and ads1115 in the middle
… problem is, both values completely fluctuating - PH from -5 to +13 and EC from +12000.000 μS/cm to -6000.000 μS/cm

is this because of bad probes or the modules not being electronically isolated like the atlas scientific ones ? or am i doing something wrong?


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What is the voltage when measured with a volt meter?

What is the voltage when only one probe is in the fluid being measured?

okay thank you.
guess i’ll order the digital ones from atlas, since i have no clue what you mean :smiley: or where to measure the voltage :smiley: want to keep it simple and working without fiddling around too much :slight_smile:

thank you anyway.
great project.

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This is also an option: