EC sensor outputs 254 as a value

Hello everyone,
I am using Atlas scientific EC probe and circuit and when the measurment gets an error:

2022-03-13 15:02:30,659 - ERROR - mycodo.inputs.atlas_ec_a55711b0 - Sensor read unsuccessful: 254

It outputs 254.000 microS/cm as an output, instead of 0 or none.
Is there a way to fix this? It is messing up the average reading and the graph.

This was fixed 2/19/22, and is included in the yet-to-be released version 8.13.0.

Thank you very much! Is there a way to update this part right now, or do I have to make a full upgrade?

You should be able to simply replace your current input file (~/Mycodo/mycodo/inputs/ with the current one on the master branch of Github, then restart the daemon.