Error - mycodo.inputs.mycodo_ram_6caa407a - (not found by is_enabled)

I got my system up and running yesterday to test. Humidity was under control for several hours, but in the middle of the night control was lost and humidity went to 100% or so the sensor says. Now, opened tent to clear humidity but still reads 100%.

Restarted system, checked logs and all appears to start OK. Temperature reads still, but humidity still 100%.

Checked logs. All appears to have restarted, but I see I am getting the repeating errors shown below. Continuously. Dont know if it is related or not.

2023-05-30 19:28:01,829 - ERROR - mycodo.inputs.mycodo_ram_6caa407a - Channel 1 not found by is_enabled()
2023-05-30 19:28:01,832 - ERROR - mycodo.inputs.mycodo_ram_6caa407a - Channel 2 not found by is_enabled()
2023-05-30 19:28:01,833 - ERROR - mycodo.inputs.mycodo_ram_6caa407a - Channel 3 not found by is_enabled()

I am seeing this problem as well… repeating errors in the daemon log referring to the System and Mycodo RAM Input.

From what I can tell, it is caused when you setup the “System and Mycodo Ram” Input, but un-select any of the already selected measurements under Options > Measurements Enabled.

You must leave all 4 of these measurements selected and save the Input settings.
If you un-select any of these measurements and save the settings, then activate the input, it will cause the recurring error in the log, and I think it might also eventually lead to the Pi becoming unresponsive and failing to acquire measurements from other sensors… still not completely sure about this yet.

To fix this, you must delete the existing “System and Mycodo RAM” Input, and then add a new one, and leave the settings as they are, only change the “Convert to” field if you need to. Then you will need to point any functions or dashboard widgets at the new input measurements.

Thank You!!! That solved that problem. Made that change and all was good for about 10 minutes. Now I am getting errors on my Kasa Power strip per below.

2023-05-31 16:08:04,705 - ERROR - mycodo.outputs.on_off_kasa_kp303_0_4_2_333455e6 - Status: Error: None

I have tried changing the Asyncio RPC port to see if that resolves it.

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Glad that solved your first problem.
As for this new error, have you made sure all your Kasa devices are updated with the latest firmware via the phone app?

After a recent upgrade and settings import from 32-bit Mycodo to 64-bit, I found I was not getting status updates from my Kasa HS300, so Mycodo couldn’t tell if an outlet was on or off, even though it just turned it on.

Bit of a pain, but I ended up just deleting my existing Kasa HS300 setup in Mycodo and creating a new one and it resolved the issues. Can’t promise if this will resolve your specific issue though, so it’s up to you.

Yeah, a bit frustrating. Changed server worked well for a bit. Then started again. Deleted readded. Still having server connection problem. All plugs say unconfigured. Tried again…waiting to see if it connects.

First thing I would check is what your router sees as the Kasa power strip WiFi signal strength.
If it is under %50, it might cause issues.
Also, if you are running a dual-band router, it might cause issues depending on your router settings, the Kasa devices only run on the 2.4 GHz band.

In Mycodo, what do you have the “Startup State” and “Shutdown State” set to in the Channel Options under the power strip Output setup?

Sometimes my Kasa Outlets say “unconfigured” when I first boot until I send them a command. I always thought this was “normal” behavior, but I could be wrong.

Sorry, I have been out of town. Update… Got Kasa power strip reconnected and operating. System would maintain humidity for several hours in a tight band then the Kasa would lose connection. Sometimes with humidifier on sometimes off. Result, humidity would end up going to 100% when stuck in on. Tried several times same results. Set static IP on the Kasa as I found it changed IP a couple of times. Still same problem. Checked WIFI signal shows 85% strength. Have decided to build the power box using relays to eliminate any future issues with WIFI connection to the system. Except for this issue, the system works as expected.

The problem is not the Kasa power strip.
I am having this same problem.
The problem is something to do with Mycodo not being able to get measurements from a sensor, and then the database locking up… which causes the system to hang.
I have been having this same issue for several weeks now after upgrading to a 64-bit OS and InfluxDB v2.
I have not been able to figure out what is causing this to happen.
I think it may actually be a bug in Influx… I don’t know
I think this is something Kyle needs to take a look at.

So, been on a couple of business trips recently so delayed building the relay box. Installed relay box and no issue controlling humidity. No crashes after 3 days. So that issue is resolved.

Now having problems with MH-Z19B CO2. It will not consistently get readings. I have it set to read every 30 seconds. Sometimes will get 2 or 3 readings in a row, but then none for 10-15 minutes. I see others reporting some issues, but none exactly like this.

Sounds like maybe an I2C timing issue. Maybe try adjusting the baud rate of the I2C bus. Also check for pull-up resistors on your I2C devices, they may need to be removed if you have multiple I2C devices on the same bus.