Errors for Atlas pH in logs

pH readings seem to be fine when I look at the live measurements but I am constantly getting these errors in the Daemon logs:
Error 100: Cannot set a value of ‘None’ of type <class ‘NoneType’>. Must be a float or string representing a float. See Error Codes - Mycodo for more info.
Could not determine pH from returned value: ‘8.495’
Sensor read unsuccessful: ‘utf-8’ codec can’t decode byte 0xb8 in position 1: invalid start byte
2022-05-30 07:04:16,545 - ERROR - mycodo.inputs.atlas_ph_9aabc05d - Could not determine pH from returned value: ‘8.489’

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That’s a strange error. What is the firmware version string that appears in the log when the Input is activated?

Not sure. It’s not happening anymore. When this was happening, I had my outputs as conditions instead of Actions in my conditional controller.

I fixed this a few hours ago:

It should read ‘Fix “Could not determine X from returned value” error for Atlas Scientific inputs’